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About Towanda

Dear Visitor, Welcome to Towanda. Thank you for taking the time to browse our website. The region incorporating San Pedro in the Atacama desert and Bolivia's Salar de Uyuni truly is one of spectacular natural beauty. If you are someone with a spirit of adventure and excited to experience this unique part of the world then you're just the kind of person we'd love to hear from. Let Towanda be the people who showed you the wonder that is San Pedro de Atacama.


At Towanda we believe we are the best at what we do. After all, we should be, with a 30 year heritage in the tour industry. We're passionate about our beautiful region and the services we offer to help you explore it. What you see in our website video is but a taste of the amazing places we'll show you on an unforgettable journey through the Atacama.

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Our Tours

Whether you'd like to climb San Pedro's 5,916 meter (19,409 feet) Licancábur volcano or do something less strenuous like explore the bizarre moonscape of the Salar de Tara; whether you'd like to feel the lovely warmth of a thermal spring in the sub-zero outside temperatures of the early-morning Andean air or experience what it's like to not be able to sink in a high altitude salt lake; Towanda offers it all, plus a lot, lot more.


We hope our video whetted your appetite. For more information, availability and prices etc. please email or call us. After you've been in contact and let us know when you plan to arrive in San Pedro, we can then organise to pick you up for free from the bus station and take you to one our offices in the centre of town.

 T: +569 9777 5637

San Pedro de Atacama Region, Chile

 T: +569 9777 5637

Our Accommodation

We have 2 mixed dormitories for 7 and 5 people with shared bathroom. We also have 2 double/triple guest rooms with en-suite bathroom. Our facilities include a common area with computer for internet access and free wifi. We also have complimentary tea and coffee so enjoy a relaxing drink as you WhatsApp and Facebook your friends and family back home telling them how great a time you're having. Courtesy of Towanda :-) We also have a guest kitchen for cooking and a refrigerator to store your food. Though humble, you will enjoy your stay with us. This is especially so if you are traveling on a budget and wish to save money by self-catering.



Booking a room with us couldn't be simpler. Simply call or email telling us how many there are in your group and when you plan to arrive. We'll then pick you up from the bus station free of charge and bring you to where you'll be staying - and give you a mini tour of our delightful town in the process :-)  We're here to help. If we happen to be full then don't worry, we know some other very nice people keen to help out and we'll get you fixed up.


Our Bicycle Rental

To make your visit more fun we recommend you rent one of our bicycles, especially if you are not acclimatised to the high altitude (2,438 meters, 7,998 feet). Cycling is often a little kinder on the body and is a very enjoyable way to explore the town and immediate area around San Pedro.

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Salar de Uyuni Region, Bolivia

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What One Person Said

"I have backpacked 60 countries over the last 20 years. A common question people ask me is, "What's the favourite place you've been to?" I tell them, "It's difficult to say but I would certainly have to include Chile's San Pedro de Atacama region and Bolivia's Salar de Uyuni in my top five." My latest visit was my third. I don't think I will ever tire of exploring this amazing area of the world. Regarding how we got around and explored the region, we found Towanda Tours were excellent. Our guides were professional, well-informed and patient, not to mention a good laugh. We also found them to be competitively priced. We did several tours with them and stayed in one of their guest rooms. They also organised our onward trip into Bolivia and the Salar de Uyuni. From start to finish the whole experience as organised by Towanda was excellent."  Trevor Reed, UK

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An Important Point to Note


Dearest Traveller, while researching your trip in South America you doubtless surfed many web pages, read guide books and spoke to other travellers about what San Pedro is like, where to stay, which things to do and see. Certainly, being Chile's Number One hang out, San Pedro, with its narrow streets, dirt roads and adobe buildings, is a charming destination to head for, regardless of the town's surrounding natural wonders. There's a lovely atmosphere here and you'll be delighted you came. That being said, we'd like to offer a friendly word of caution.


In the last decade international travel has become easier and more affordable than ever before resulting in a corresponding increase in the number of visitors to Chile and Bolivia. This has certainly brought economic benefits to our region and we appreciate the business. However, in the past 3 or 4 years in particular there has seen a glut of new companies spring up in town, all clamouring to book you on a tour. It has to be said, some of these companies are excellent. Sometimes we work in partnership with selected ones, particularly the longer-established ones, during the busiest periods.


We regret to say, however, that because the tourism industry is not very regulated in Chile compared with more developed countries, it is the easiest thing for anybody to set up a company then claim great knowledge, ability and experience. The reality is, many times this is simply not the case.


You will be spending considerable funds to get to South America on what will surely be the adventure of a lifetime. And maybe you will never get the chance to visit again in your lifetime. And so, it would be such a shame to come all this way only to have your experience potentially spoiled by booking with a tour company or individual of dubious credibility.


Whether you book with Towanda or not we genuinely wish that you fall in love with our fantastic region and go away with great memories. Of course, we at Towanda would love to be the company which shows you our region's amazing natural attractions. At the end of the day we don't cost anymore than anyone else. What is more, we believe we will exceed your expectations. Therefore, at the very least you'll get better value for money along with peace of mind. We look forward to hearing from you and perhaps staying with us too for the unforgettable experience that is San Pedro de Atacama.


Very Best Wishes from all of us here at Towanda.

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Extended Video of Chile/Bolivia Adventure

Towanda, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

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